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Box Size: 5x5x8 cm


Handpoured using a natural soy wax which is 100% vegan friendly, biodegradable & burns cleaner (up to 50% longer than paraffin wax). This artisan-made candle is not recommended for lighting, these candles are exquisitely handcrafted for decor use only. 


Safety Instructions
Trim wick to 5mm before every lighting.
Never burn for more than 1 hour at a time.
Always burn on a heat proof plate or surface.

Move away from any flammable material.

Keep away from children & pets. 


Refunds & Exchange Policy

Strickly NO refunds or exchanges due to change of mind, or not being satisfied with your selected fragrance. Each candle is a custom made to order item, particularly favours. We understand that some fragrances are not to everyone's liking, however, in this case, we suggest you opt for a basic, more common fragrance such as vanilla or caramel to avoid dissapointment. If you receieve a faulty item, you must contact us within 48hours with images of the fault. Once assessed, you will either recieve a refund or a replacement. Please note, frosting is not considered a fault and will not be replaced. We try to eliminate candle frosting as much as possible, however it is a natural process when working with Soy Wax. To avoid frosting, keep away from direct cool AC and avoid changes in temperature. Frosting is less visible (if at all) in white candles.

Heart Teddy (شمعة في صندوق)

PriceFrom د.ك20.000
Candle Colour (لون الشمعه)
Ribbon Colour (لون الشريط)
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